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As part of our work to establish Real Tennis as a viable choice for participants of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, we have created a best practice Junior Coaching Manual. Professionals can use this as a framework to create junior coaching sessions at their own clubs.

Download the Junior Coaching Manual here...



The Dedanists’ Foundation has created a “Train the Trainers” course to teach Real Tennis professionals how to recruit and coach junior players.

Professionals need this extra knowledge as many club professionals only have a limited experience of giving lessons to a group of juniors which requires quite a different approach to that of coaching adults.

This course is fully funded by The Dedanists’ Foundation and has now been included as a CPD2 module forming part of the career path for all Real Tennis Pros.

Dedanists’ Foundation ambassadors, Danny Jones & and Paul Weaver, who put the course together have between them many years of experience in coaching youngsters. They have, over the years, developed proven techniques for coaching young players and delivering a well-constructed junior group lesson.

Many of today's top UK players were coached by Danny Jones and Paul Weaver using these methods.

The course also covers the basics of how to recruit juniors to your club in the first place and how to retain them. It also provides templates for equipment required, Parental Consent forms, registers, Certificates, appraisals, etc.


Adjacent is a suite of video clips showing some of the basic coaching techniques for juniors. These are best used in conjunction with the documentation that is supplied in the course.

4 videos

4 videos

4 videos

3 videos

5 videos

Watch some junior coaching in action...


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