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Applying for a grant

We work with clubs who have existing programmes for young people or wish to develop such programmes. We generally aim to fund half of the cost of each programme and look to the participating club to contribute the remainder "in kind" through providing the court and professionals time.


We anticipate that any programme qualifying for a grant is likely to include the following elements:


a.   A clear plan for outreach to schools and other youth based institutions in the club's community;


b.   A professionally organised and implemented programme of instruction and other activities for young people;


c.   Clear arrangements for the provision of equipment, club facilities, transport and supervision of the young people; and


d.   A well-organised Junior Section of the club with allocated court time (in addition to time allocated to the Foundation's programme), appropriately subsidised membership and court fees and the appointment of Junior Coordinator.

Although we believe that it is desirable to allow clubs considerable flexibility in developing their own approach to fit local circumstances, in addition to meeting the qualifying requirements set out above, all participating clubs will be required to sign up to a "contract" with the Foundation where, in return for grants and access to the Junior National League and Train the Trainer programmes, which includes:


a.   Guarantee to devote three hours a week of suitable court time and associated instruction by an appropriately qualified professional to the programme;


b.   Appoint a Junior Coordinator within the club to administer and oversee a Junior programme;


c.   Create a Junior section with appropriate court fees and membership rates and dedicated junior court time (over and above time allocated to the Foundation's programme);


d.   Allow the professional and Junior representation suitable resources within the club to ensure the success of the programme;


e.   Facilitate participation by their juniors in the Junior National League and other junior competitions


f.   Ensure that, as necessary, the club provides other facilities needed to participate in the programmes and meets all statutory and other requirements, such as DBS checks.

If you think you have a project which fits these criteria, then please fill in the application form which can be found below and send it to Josh Farrall at

Application Form

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